• 24x7 Support
  • Real-Time Billing
  • Real-Time Quality Monitoring


In the modern technological world, system maintenance and customer support are the most important elements of any professional telecommunications service.
Led by this understanding, we proudly state that we have at our disposal the perfect support team in Bulgaria, competently reacts to any customer need 24x7.
Every event, which has been identified by the proactive analysis as potentially risky, is classified and escalated in the team internally for immediate processing.
Thus, we advancely diagnose situations, which we see as probable to create issues for our customers.
Whenever necessary, we accord information about potentially risky cases, which have been registered by proactive maintenance.
In order for us to provide our customers with these conveniences, Polytype.net’s infrastructure is serviced by the company’s Network Operations Centre, which ensures a constant high quality of the services we provide.
As a result, Polytype.net provides an opportunity for business expansion by means of secure telecommunications solutions.