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Without proposals

Nothing in Polytype.net may be taken as an advice, a proposal or a recommendation for acquirement or injunction with whatever material assets and/or for making whatever deals.

Without obligations

Polytype.net makes a reasonable amount of effort to gather information from sources, which it deems reliable. Polytype.net doesn't state that information or opinions, contained in Polytype.net, are accurate, reliable or complete. Information and opinions, contained in Polytype.net, are provided by Polytype.net only for personal use and with the aim to inform and are subject to change without notice. Nothing in Polytype.net may be taken as giving organizational, management, investment, jurisdictional, tax or any other types of advice or to be counted on when taking management or any other type of decisions.

Without Guarantees

Information and opinions, contained in Polytype.net, are provided without guarantees of any type whatsoever, both specifically explicit and ones that are understood.

Responsibility restrictions

Under no circumstances, including (but without restricting to) negligence, Polytype.net does not carry responsibility for whatever losses or damages, that have occurred, including (but without restricting to) - Hide quoted text - any direct, indirect or consequential damages, even if it is explicitly informed about the possibility of the occurrence of such damages, emanating from or in relation with access to, use of, functionality, viewing or connection to other websites via Polytype.net.

Connected websites

When you gain access to other pages via Polytype.net, you may exit Polytype.net. Polytype.net has not evaluated any of the websites, connected with Polytype.net, and doesn't confirm and/or carry any responsibility for the contents of such a website, as for the products, services or other of the kind, offered via such a website.

Local law restrictions

Polytype.net isn't directed towards any individual, under any kind of jurisdiction, under which (for reasons of nationality, location of this individual and etc.) the transmission or access to Polytype.net are forbidden. Individuals, towards whom such a prohibition is enforced, should not gain access to Polytype.net.