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We offer VoIP voice termination phone services and text carrying SMS services, intended for corporate customers.
Outgoing voice calls and text messages are serviced by the IP, SS7 and TDM signalisation and transmission media.
Setting up a connection with Polytype's infrastructure is simple and swift.
  • You need to have Internet connectivity.
  • Make a request, so that you may have an account created.
  • If necessary, Polytype will provide you with free Cisco Systems VoIP equipment.
  • Our team will set up and configure the connection from your office and your active equipment to Polytype's platform for you free of charge, so that you can start profiting immediately, taking advantage of one of the most favorable telecommunications services tarrifs in the world.
Our routes' quality is the best that money can buy.
Large ASR and short PPD prove our telecommunications network's proffesional grade.
Our real-time billing system provides the user with conditions for maximum financial control and perfect accounting possiblities.